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Special Medical Need

Age: 4 Months Gender: male Size: large Primary Breed: Golden Retriever Mix Primary Color: Black and White Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Moderate to High Housetrained: Working on it Kid Friendly: Does well with respectful children over age 5 Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Working on it

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Yeah Yeah is part of our Sandlot Litter! Dad was an austrail shepherd and mom Juni is a beautiful golden retriever with a solid temperment and complete doll!

Yeah Yeah was the most confident out of the litter. This boy is ready for an acitve and adventures galore! YeahYeah would do amazing with a family who is active and on the go! He is an extremely smart dog who needs someone to make sure that he has an outlet to keep him mentally and physicall fulfilled. He loves puzzles, snuffle mats, tug of war, fetch, and loves working on training. He is still working on his mouthing manners, so he would be best with older children. Ideally a fenced in yard would be preferred, as he is extremely curious about other people and animals. He is doing well with recall, but won’t pass an opportunity to explore. He would do great with a well behaved, sibling dog to mirror. YeahYeah loves to snuggle after playing!! Food is his favorite, peanut butter in particular. He will be your best friend until the end of time. He can sit, lay down, come, and kennel with great accuracy. Working on stay and leave it commands.

Notes from Nerdy K9 Training:

Yeah Yeah is a happy go lucky guy. He loves playing with other dogs and with people. His favorite thing is training as he really loves his mind work and his treats. Yeah Yeah has started sit, stay, off (jumping), come, and leave it. He is a higher energy dog and would do best in a home with another playful dog. Walks and training will still be needed for his well being daily.


  • Patient family to continue to work on basic obedience and housetraining
  • Physically fenced in yard preferred but no required
  • Active family to keep my mind and body healthy
  • Would do best in a home with children 8+ as they are currently working on mouthing manners

Cardiology Diagnosis:
1. Moderate mitral valve dysplasia
2. Mild mitral valve stenosis

Yeah Yeah has a malformation of the mitral valve that has been present since birth. The mitral valve separates the top and bottom left
heart chambers, and the defect is allowing leakage backward through the valve when it should be closed (mitral regurgitation, which is
the cause of his murmur), and it is also preventing it from opening as well as it should (mitral stenosis). This has led to moderate
secondary left heart enlargement. When severe, this can lead to fluid build-up in the lungs (congestive left heart failure) causing cough,
breathing difficulties, exercise intolerance, and collapse (Yeah Yeah does not have heart failure/lung fluid at this time). We will continue
Yeah Yeah on pimobendan/Vetmedin (a drug to help support heart function) and enalapril (a drug with theoretical long-term benefits of
managing this heart disease). I do not expect complications from this disease in the near term, but it is difficult to predict if/when this
will lead to congestive heart failure. If heart failure (fluid in the lungs) were to ever develop, diuretics (e.g. furosemide/Lasix) would be
recommended to resolve/control the fluid. Even after developing heart failure, as long as they respond well to medications, some dogs
can still do well for a while. The good news is we're not even there yet, but we should continue to monitor his heart on a long-term basis
with echocardiography and/or chest radiographs.

Yeah Yeah is neutered and up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, preventatives, and has been microchipped. Please complete an application to welcome him home today!

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