Meet Oreo 22-318

Pending Application - No Longer Accepting Applications

Adoption Fee: $500

Age: 2.5 Years Gender: female Size: large Primary Breed: Standard Poodle Primary Color: Black and White Shed Level Low Shedding Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Unknown with children 10 and under Cat Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

If you are looking for beauty and brains all rolled into one package, then look no further! My name is Oreo, and I am a purebred black and white Standard parti poodle. When I moved in with foster mom and dad, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing! There were dogs walking around and not in a cage! I was given a soft blanket to lay on and enough food that I didn't feel hungry anymore! I thought maybe I was in dog heaven, but the other dogs told me it's not heaven, it's a FAMILY.

I have learned about really good things that I never knew before, like toys, dog beds, plenty of food and fresh water, playing with the other dogs, a yard, running, and treats! Oh boy, the treats are my favorite thing!! I have learned some other things that are not on my list of favs, like baths, ear cleaning, grooming, and nail trims, but I try to suck it up because I know I will get a treat if I do a good job!

I really like this FAMILY stuff, so if you have lots of love in your heart, and good stuff at your house, maybe I can be part of your FAMILY!

Information from Oreo's foster mom: Oreo came to us with zero human interaction experience. She could not be approached or touched. Never aggressive or fearful, but extremely cautious, she followed foster mom everywhere, observing the house dogs as she learned how to be a dog. Fast forward 2 months and we find a playful and confident Oreo who still follows foster mom from room to room. Oreo plays well with the big dogs, however due to her youthful energy and size, we note that she can be a bit too much for the smaller Boston terrier. Oreo now seeks human touch/interaction but is not quite ready for a hug. She is solid on her housebreaking with no counter surfing, destructive chewing, or excessive barking. She ignores the cat and caged bird. She has not been exposed to young children, toddlers or babies, but does fine with older kids and strangers.

Poodles are an energetic breed and Oreo is young. She will need a yard where she can stretch her legs and a family to take her on walks. She is a work in progress and is still learning how to be a family pet, therefore, a well-behaved dog in the home would be highly beneficial to help her become her best self. Oreo is intelligent, beautiful, gentle, and energetic. A little patience, soft hand, and continued training will provide a lucky family with a wonderful dog that you can be very proud of!


  • Patient and loving family to continue to work on building confidence and basic obedience
  • Physically fenced in yard to help keep her safe

Oreo was spayed and received a dental while in rescue. She is up to date on vacciantions (rabies, distemper, lepto, and bordatella, flea/tick and heartworm preventions and is microchipped. Please complete and application to welcome her home today! Thank you!

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