Meet Luisa Babe 22-64

Pending Application - No Longer Accepting Applications

Adoption Fee: $550

Age: 1 Year Gender: female Size: small Primary Breed: Toy Poodle Primary Color: Apricot and White Shed Level Low Shedding Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Mostly, but still mastering Kid Friendly: Yes with respectful children with good dog boundaries Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

Luisa Babe arrived to rescue in the spring of 2022. She had been surrenderd due to have luxating patella issues in one of her back legs. Babe was able to have surgery to correct the issue and has now received her clearance for adoption! 

Babe is a bottle of bubbly bubbles! She is energetic and wants to learn new things! Babe just wants to snuggle and hang out with her human family. Her tail is always wagging with joy! Babe is very smart and quickly catches on to new routines, tricks, and routines! She is going to make someone very lucky by adding her to the family!


  • Patient family to continue on basica obedience

Luisa Babe was spayed while in rescue in addition to her knee surgery. All of the dogs in our program are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations (distemper, bordatella, lepto, and rabies), started on monthly preventatives for heartworm and fleas/ticks, and are microchipped. Please complete an application to welcome home your new best friend today!

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