Meet Jovie

Medical Hold - Not Accepting Applications

Age: 6 Years Gender: female Size: small Weight: Small Primary Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Primary Color: Blenheim Shed Level Low Shedding Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Does not require a crate

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Jovie came to B-Squad and required immediate emergency surgery for Pyometra. Jovie's anal glands were also infected and she is being tested for a small heart murmur as well. Jovie has been blossoming in rescue and and receiving all kinds of love while we work through her medical issues. We would expect Jovie to become available for adoption if all goes well towards the end of January. 

Jovie's care has been extensive and has come with a very high veterinary bill. Please donate via the link on this page if you'd like to contribute to help cover the cost of her care. Thank you!

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