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Adoption Fee: $650

Special Needs- Heart Murmur

Age: 5 Months Gender: male Size: large Primary Breed: Golden Retriever Primary Color: Cream Shed Level Moderate to High Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Mostly, but still mastering Kid Friendly: Yes with respectful children with good dog boundaries Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

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Blarney came to B-Squad after being released by a commercial breeding facility due to having a heart murmur. Blarney was seen by Dr. George and his cardiology team at the Animal Emergency & Referral Center in Minnesota and it was determined that Blarney has has an inherited heart defect involving a ridge of tissue beneath the aortic valve, as well as an abnormal mitral valve that is leaking. Subaortic stenosis causes blood to travel across the aortic valve at a higher speed than normal, which is the source of Blarney's murmur. Blarney's subaortic stenosis is currently measuring in the mild range, and most animals with mild aortic stenosis never become symptomatic for the disease. However, there is a chance the obstruction could continue to worsen until he is full grown, so echocardiography should be rechecked after he is over a year old. There is also a theoretical increased risk of infection of the aortic valve, so prophylactic antibiotics should be given with any significant surgeries, wounds, or infections. Overall, heart disease should not be life-limiting for Blarney, though we should continue to monitor his heart on a long-term basis.

Blarney is an amazingly friendly and lovable golden retriever pup! His two modes are sleeping on the floor and giving you as much attention as you will let him. He loves to lay his head on your lap as you pet him, and would be happy to snuggle up next to you on the couch (if he could figure out how to climb up). He is incredibly gentle and would do very well with young children. He also gets along very well with other dogs. His love language is peanut butter (he goes crazy for the stuff), and he is very food motivated. He does very well in his crate, although he is stubborn about going inside it. Blarney is almost fully housetrained, but he will need further training to get over his habits of jumping up on people and counter surfing. Like most puppies, he likes to chew on pretty much anything, although he isn't particularly destructive. If you're looking for a gentle goofus of a dog full of energy and love, Blarney is the right dog for you!


  • Patient family that will continue to work on basic obedience and confidence
  • Financially stable family able to provide the additional echocardiogram after he is a year old and any possible additional cardiology needs in the future

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter through our program at Best Care Pet Hospital when age appropriate. All of the dogs in our program are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations (distemper, bordatella, lepto, and rabies), started on monthly preventatives for heartworm and fleas/ticks, and are microchipped. Please complete an application to welcome home your new best friend today!

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