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Adoption Fee: $500

Age: 6 Years Gender: female Size: small Weight: Small Primary Breed: Shih Tzu Primary Color: Black and White Shed Level Low Shedding Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Mostly, but still mastering Kid Friendly: Does well with respectful children over age 5 Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

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Merry is just one of those dogs that reminds us why we do what we do! You can follow her pictures back to take a look at how she arrived to us. Merry was matted and had severe dry eye that had been left untreated for years. At first, our veterinarian team at Best Care and specialists thought her eyes had ruptured and woud need to be removed, but Dr. Jess thought there may be hoping in at least seeing if we could save her eyes by doing a very aggressive series of eye medication. 

Merry's foster had done 3-4 eye meds, three times a day at timed intervals. Their commitment to Merry and helping her save her eyes brings us to tears. We are happy to report that Merry is doing fabulous! Not only has the medication worked for us to be able to save her eyes, we believe she has full vision in one eye and partial in the other! She has exceeded all of our expectations not only in her physical recovery, but her emotional recovery as well. Our director posted on Facebook about Merry's panic and whining from terror when she first arrived. Take a look at the pictures above and just see how she has transformed!

Merry is the biggest sweetheart! She is very playful with our resident dogs, full of youthful energy and loves to squeak toys. She enjoys exploring our backyard and has recently loved going outside for leash training. Merry is kennel trained and sleeps through the night in her kennel next to our bed. She loves to cuddle in bed and on the couch and to be given all the attention! Merry's eyesight hadn't slowed her down one bit!!

Merry does have chronic dry eye that will require medication for life. Please see below for her eye ointment regiment:

Tacrolimus: Apply one drop into BOTH eyes twice daily for dry eye ($74.70 lasts 2 months)

Optimmune: Apply a strip across both eyes twice daily ($78.75 lasts 4-5 weeks)

Optixcare:Apply 1/4 strip into both eyes every 8 hours.  ($25.09 lasts for 3 months)

*All eye medication should be separated by 5 minutes. 



  • Loving home that will continue to provide quality veterinary care. Merry will require eye medication for life.
  • Physically fenced in yard preferred but not required.

Adopt Me

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