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Adoption Fee: $500

Age: 1 Year 9 Months Gender: female Size: large Primary Breed: Old English Sheepdog Primary Color: White and Gray Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Does well with respectful children over age 12 Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

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Melody came to B-Squad after being released from a commercial breeding facility. This big girl is learning what love and trust is all about. She can be a little nervous at first meeting new people or going to new environments, but she has come a long way! She's very affectionate and will give you the biggest silly smile if you scratch her rump. She loves other dogs and would do best with another dog that has a solid temperment and lower energy. 

Melody enjoys going for walks around the neighborhood and just watching people or things that are new to her at a distance.  She really enjoys learning new cues or tricks to get food.  She wants to please but has so much big puppy energy still to burn.  Mouthing is one of her bad habits when she wants to play, but once she is reminded a toy is a more appropriate chew thing she will redirect.

Melody is house trained.  She asks to go outside by either ringing a bell at the door or standing right in front of it looking back and forth to the nearest person.  She loves running laps in the yard once outside!  She will bark while playing and as anyone approaches the house. She eats in her kennel. As soon as you pick up her dish to fill she runs to the kennel to wait patiently.  She enjoys playing fetch with toys and plays tug with the other dogs at her foster home.  If she takes an item she shouldn’t have a disapproving look and a hand held out will usually land the item back in your hand.

Melody knows sit, down, place, and off.  She is a typical Old English Sheepdog and would do best in a home with lower energy as lots of movement and noise are all things that cause her to be on high alert and be stressed. Melody has been working hard on building confidence and will need an experienced owner that will provide her the safe structure, routine, and love that will keep her both mentally and physically fulfilled. 


  • Experienced home to continue to work on basic obedience and confidence
  • Physically fenced in yard to keep her safe
  • Melody will need to be an only dog or with dogs that have solid temperments. She would not do well with high energy breeds or dogs. 
  • Previous OES Experience Preferred
  • Children in home age 12+ 
  • Active family that can provide at least an hour of exercise daily

Melody has been spayed and is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, preventatives, and is microchipped. Please complete an application to welcome her home today!

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