Meet Corbin 22-85

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Adoption Fee: $525

Age: 2 Months Gender: male Size: large Primary Breed: Shepherd Mix Primary Color: Black/Tan/White Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: No Kid Friendly: Yes with respectful children with healthy dog boundaries. Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Working on it

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Hi! I'm Corbin and I like—everything! (Hasn’t been exposed to kids 0-3 or cats)

Diet – purina pro plan , ½ c, 3x a day. Treats – loves popcorn and meat, Avoid – Corbin loves all food!

Housetraining Status – Corbin is a young puppy but is learning fast. He needs structure to continue to work on learning the house rules.

When I need to go out – I am working on using the dog door and will paw at the patio door to come in.

Corbin is used to a fenced in yard and likes to explore outside. A fence isn’t a requirement, as long as he has a safe area to freely roam.

Other info: Corbin sleeps through the night as long as he is with a human or dog. He does not like to be alone and will do best with lots of attention from humans/dogs. He is friendly and loves everyone he meets. He is a puppy and his teeth are little razors – proper chewing toys are a must.

Crate training – working on it

Obedience – He’s a puppy with puppy energy, still young

Tricks – Corbin will make any food disappear – and will steal food from other dogs if he can.

Other info: Corbin is used to having freedom to roam around the house or yard during the day (with supervision of course). If he needs to be crated during the day, it’s best for a limited amount of time and in an area where he cannot see people/dogs who are free or he will whine. He will sleep in his crate at night with another dog or in bed with his human. He hasn’t mastered more than a few steps at a time, but he is growing taller every day so that will come soon enough.


  • Patient family to continue to work on basic obedience and training
  • Phsyically fenced in yard preferred but not required

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