Meet Birdie 22-229

Pending Application - No Longer Accepting Applications

Adoption Fee: $700

Age: 6 Months Gender: female Size: medium Primary Breed: Minii Australian Shepherd/Poodle Mix Primary Color: Tri Colored Shed Level Low Shedding Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Mostly, but still mastering Kid Friendly: Yes with respectful children with good dog boundaries Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

Birdie arrived to B-Squad as part of our large rescue effort from a commercial breeding facility in early October. She has received her veterinary clearance and is ready to find her forever home!

From Birdie's foster home: 

Birdie has so much love to give and is looking for the perfect home to love her back!!!

Birdie would do great in a home with another dog. She's learned a lot from the resident dog during foster care. She does have puppy energy and could be overwhelming for an older dog. An older dog would need a place to get away when they need a break.  Birdie would love a fenced in yard, but it's not a requirement.  She loves walks around the neighborhood, especially when it involves meeting new friends.

Birdie likes every kind of toy but especially anything that squeaks. I would recommend caution if her new family involves little kids. Birdie loves to play and sometimes ends up chewing her person when she's playing.  She needs a bit of redirection to a chew toy.

Birdie is incredibly smart! She knows sit and likes to play fetch. We are working on shake now. She also knows the word kennel but isn't quite ready to follow that command unless it comes with food. Haha! Speaking of food, Birdie is highly food motivated.

Birdie is doing amazing with potty training.  She has started standing by the door when she needs to go out. When out and about in the house, she typically goes out every couple of hours. Birdie is still working on sleeping through the night without a potty break.  If she does wake up, it's normally once. She quickly does her business and heads back to bed.

Our favorite part about Birdie is that after all the zoomies and playing, she likes to snuggle.  She will politely put her paws on the couch and ask permission to sit by her person.  She then let's you pick her up so she can sit with you and snuggle.  She's a great dog!!!


  • Patient and loving family to continue to fulfill and grow with Birdie

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter through our program at Best Care Pet Hospital when age appropriate. All of the dogs in our program are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations (distemper, bordatella, lepto, and rabies), started on monthly preventatives for heartworm and fleas/ticks, and are microchipped. Please complete an application to welcome home your new best friend today!

Special Statement About Adoption Fee:

Birdie was a part of our largest rescue effort in our history. All of the dogs from this transport have received extensive veterinary care including extra screenings for canine brucellosis, treatment of infections, fecal testing, and extra veterinary exams to receive their medical clearance for adoption. Their adoption fees are slightly higher than normal to help us cover some of these expenses. We hope that you recognize the extraordinary care they have received to get them rehabiliated and ready for their forever homes.

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