Meet Sapphire

Pending Application - No Longer Accepting Applications

Adoption Fee: $775

Age: 8 Weeks Gender: female Size: extra-large Primary Breed: Great Dane Primary Color: Black and White Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: No Kid Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: No

Sapphire is one of our Gem litter pups born to Jewel while in rescue. She has always been curious and very attached to her people. She likes to analyze things before jumping right into play or new situations. She is a levl 9 expert snuggler and will make a great companion for a special family.

All of the Gem pups adoption fees will include their spay/neuter and stomach tacking when age appropriate through Best Care Pet Hospital. They will have had their first round of vaccinations and preventatives prior to going home on approximately January 15th. Please read the adoption requirements below BEFORE applying for adoption.


  • Patient family willing to continue to work on basic obedience and housetraining
  • Large dog breed experience required
  • Preference will be given to applications with physically fenced in yards
  • Out of area applications will be considered so long as you are able to fulfill the spay/neuter, stomach tacking surgery at Best Care Pet Hospital located in Sioux Falls, SD when age appropriate.
  • Must agree to complete a basic obedience training course when age appropriate. 

About the Breed:

The easygoing Great Dane, the mighty "Apollo of Dogs," is a total joy to live with, but owning a dog of such imposing size, weight, and strength is a commitment not to be entered into lightly. This breed is indeed great, but not a Dane.

As tall as 32 inches at the shoulder, Danes tower over most other dogs and when standing on their hind legs, they are taller than most people. These powerful giants are the picture of elegance and balance, with the smooth and easy stride of born noblemen. The coat comes in different colors and patterns, perhaps the best-known being the black-and-white patchwork pattern known as "harlequin." Despite their sweet nature, Danes are alert home guardians. Just the sight of these gentle giants is usually enough to make intruders think twice. But those foolish enough to mistake the breed's friendliness for softness will meet a powerful foe of true courage and spirit. Patient with kids, Danes are people pleasers who make friends easily.

Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended. For a breed as large and powerful as the Great Dane, obedience training is a must. Socialization gently exposing the puppy to a wide variety of people, places, and situations will help them develop into a well-adjusted adult. Great Danes are sociable, friendly, and eager to please, and they respond well to firm, consistent training methods. They need to have human contact, affection, and socialization with other people and animals.

Great Danes may seem sedate, but they require daily exercise appropriate to their age. A brisk walk two or three times a day can be enough. They can make good companions on jogs or hikes, but you must wait until the dog is 2 years old to avoid damage to growing joints. Because of the risk of bloat, avoid rigorous exercise around mealtimes. Danes tend to follow their nose wherever a scent takes them, so they should always be kept on a leash and only allowed loose in areas secured with a tall fence. Many Great Danes enjoy participating in agility, obedience, tracking events, weight pulls, and sports such as flyball.

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