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Adoption Fee: $300

Age: 2 Years Gender: male Size: medium Weight: Medium Primary Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix Primary Color: Black/Tan/White Shed Level Moderate to High Energy Level: High Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Does well with respectful children over age 12 Cat Friendly: Unknown Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

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Marwin is an absolute ball of fun and entertainment. He needs to be everywhere you are and tends to be just a step or two away at all times. He LIVES for food and snacks and playing with his favorite toys. Marwin is high energy and can run and run and run. He loves to chase other dogs and does really well with them most of the time. Sometimes his herding instincts kick in and he will chase and nip at ankles of other dogs but overall he does amazing especially if they like to play and run! He would love to have a partner in crime! We have found that daily exercise is a MUST for Marwin because #1 he loves snacks and puts weight on easily and #2 it eases a lot of anxiety for him. 

Marwin does not like car rides too much. Anytime we know we will be taking a car ride, we bring him to the dog park and let him run for a good half hour, otherwise he can be quite vocal in the car. He is the same with his grooming and vet appointments. Any chance you have to run some energy out will help ease his anxiety in those situations but he does great. 

Marwin LOVES to cuddle and will be by your side trying to rest his head on you or jumping on your lap for attention any chance he can. He is the biggest love bug! 

The most important thing that an adopter will need to know about Marwin is that he has a special way he needs to be given his food. He is extremely protective of his food bowl and it will take some training and work for him to listen to your commands about sitting and staying as you set his food bowl down. Marwin is not protective over anything else except his food bowl but his resource guarding is such that he should never be fed by a child or let anyone near him while he is eating and you’ll need to start out hand feeding him the first weeks that you have him. 

Mar mar is completely potty trained and has never had an accident in the house. He is extremely trainable and will do anything for a treat. He also has a funny clumsiness about him with his short little legs. We get asked a lot what kind of dog he is and we always just say he’s a ball of awkward love! Everywhere we go, people love him! If you’re willing to put in the effort with his food aggression and energy needs he will most definitely be your best friend for life! 



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