Meet Gunther

Pending Application - No Longer Accepting Applications

Adoption Fee: $550

Age: 1 Year 10 Days Gender: male Size: extra-large Weight: Extra Large Primary Breed: Newfoundland Primary Color: Brown Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Low to Moderate Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

Gunther has received his medical clearance or adoption!

Gunther came to B-Squad in December of 2019 with a curved front leg. Gunther's ulna was growing at a faster pace than his radius which was causing his front leg to curve. In February, Gunther underwent surgery at the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota to have a portion of his ulna removed so that his radius was allowed to catch up and in turn help to straighten his leg. At his month out check up x-rays revealed that Gunther's ulna had grown and reconnected a little faster than we had hoped. It was determined that we needed to let Gunther continue to grow and monitor his leg to see if an additional surgery would be required. We are happy to report that Gunther has now received clearance to be adopted and that a second surgery is not necessary. Gunther has a normal progrnosis, but the specialist did recommend waiting for his neuter until the age of 18 months to allow his bones to fully develop. 

About Our Big Boy: Gunther is a big goof ball. He loves to go on walks, water, being outside, being around other people and other dogs. He’s pretty laid back. He spends most of his days laying around on his back. He is super sweet and completely lovable. He would do best with a family that is active. Another dog in the home would be best. Probably a larger dog. He does fine with kids. Has been around as young as 5 but doesn’t always understand his size when he greets them. Doesn’t play with a lot of toys but when he does he acts like a Cat and just bats them around on the floor. Prefers peanut butter filled toys, antlers and buffalo horns. Needs to work on some jumping and leash pulling. Knows sit and shake and lay down and working leave it and stay. Completely potty trained and crate trained but prefers to sleep by his people at night so doesn’t currently crate at night. Lays on the floor in our bathroom or by our bed.

Gunther's adoption fee is $550. His adoption fee will include his neuter when age appropriate through our spay/neuter program. Gunther is up to date on vacciantions, monthly preventatives, and has been microchipped. Please visit our website at to review our adoption process and to complete an application. Thank you!


  • Physically Fenced in Yard
  • Active Family
  • Family willing to continue to work on training
  • Larger Resident dog preferred
  • Previous Newfoundland experience preferred

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