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Medical Hold - Not Accepting Applications

Age: 7 Years Weight: Small Primary Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Primary Color: Blenheim Shed Level Moderate Energy Level: Moderate Housetrained: Yes Kid Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Crate Trained: Yes

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UPDATE: April had a set back and is currently on medical hold again due to eating a toy. We will update her profile once we know more. Thank you!


April has come a long way since being welcomed to rescue in July. Up arrival, April's foster noticed there was a significant problem as April was leaking urine and straining when attempting to urinated. X-rays and an ultrasound quickly confirmed that April had a very large bladder stone and subsequent bladder infection. She began treatment immediately with pain meds, antibiotics, and anti-inflammartories. April had surgery the following week to remove the bladder stone and be spayed.  Our veterinary team was taken a back by how large her stone was and the thickness of her bladder caused by YEARS of not having proper medical attention for this problem. Our hearts broke when the analyis of her stone came back as having been started likely years early from in infection that was never treated. The pain this sweet soul had likely been in for years absolutely shatters our hearts.

Sincer her surgery, April has been on anti-inflammatories to help with the chronic inflammation she had been experiencing. We are happy to report that the medication is working and April has regained control of her bladder and episodes of "leaking" urine have subsided. 

April has been enjoying the good life with her foster family and two furry foster siblings. She has enjoyed playing the backyard, getting belly rubs, and exploring on walks and while at the lake! This girl is deinitely making up for lost time in the love department and can't get enough snuggle time from her family! We are excited for April's journey with B-Squad to be coming to an end and for her new life to begin with her forever family.

Notes from her foster home: April is one of the most lovable dogs we've ever met! She loves to be petted and cuddled and is always excited to greet us at the door. April enjoys being outside in our backyard and also short walks around our neighborhood (8-12 blocks.) She spends a lot of the day lounging in the sun and loves to be on any type of bed or blanket. April is not able to jump up or down from furniture has must be carefully lifted, but absolutely loves when you pick her up to join you on the couch/bed! April is able to go down a few steps, but a full staircase is a little too tough on her back legs. She does climb up the stairs! April gets along great with other dogs but perfects to lounge over play. She would do great with other pets in the home or as a single girl to get all the attention.

April will need to remain on two medications for life. They are rimadyl and proin. This would be at an estimated monthly cost of about $45/-50month. April is worth every penny! April was spayed, received an extensive dental, is up to date on distemper, bordetella, rabies, monthly preventatives and is microchipped. Please review our adoption process and complete an application to welcome April home today!


  • Patient loving home that is willing to dote on our princess for the rest of her life.
  • Financially stable home that can continue her monthly meds at an estimated cost of $45-50/month for life. 
  • Recommending quieter home with no children under 6 so that she doesn't get accidentally bumped or roughed with.

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